Senior Friendly Rebounding

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Senior Friendly Rebounding is a exercise workout done on a mini trampoline for baby boomers, seniors and anyone else who wants to experience the freedom of bouncing and jumping on a mini trampoline like they use to do on their beds when they were little kids, but this time without the scolding!

Created with baby boomers and seniors in mind, you will walk, bounce and jump on the mini trampoline.  Don't worry this in not a fast pace workout.  This workout will help you toward your health goal of 10000 steps, help burn fat, calories and lose weight. 

You may have read or heard a story that it is the cure to cancer, however being a cancer survivor I was doing urban rebounding before I got cancer, so it was far from being a cure.  I will say the condition my over all heath was in do to exercising help me come through my cancer journey.