Strength Training Dumbbells

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Strength Tone Built Lean Muscle Strong! Fix Up Your Body | Train Biceps Triceps Shoulders Chest. This workout requires a pair of lite hand weights / dumbbells, a pair of water bottle or your natural body strength to built lean muscles and tone your body. It will also help burn fat and help you lose weight. It is recommended to do strength training at least once a week but two times is better. You can to the training by doing full body training both the upper and lower body on the same day, or you can split and do upper body on one day and do lower a different day. It is important not to strength train two consecutive days in a row, for the muscles need to recover from the work you just put it through. One other tip make sure you are not tying to lift a weight that is too heavy. If you cannot not do 8 reps with the weight you are using then use a lighter dumbbell. You can visit my web site: for more health and fitness tips.