Walk and Tone Dumbbell Upper Body Workout

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Walk & Tone Dumbbell Upper Body Workout At Home is a low impact exercise workouts that uses lite dumbbells to built strength, lean muscle and tone your body. Plus with cardio moves such as marching and walking you are burning more fat and calories. I recommend using dumbbells between 1 and 5 pounds for this workout. I don't want you to injure your joints by using heavier weights. Duration 50 minutes.

It is recommended to exercise at least 20 minutes a day an do strength training at least 1 day a week, but 2 days a week with 48 hours in between it workout so that your muscles can rest. By exercising regularly it not only results in weight loss, but also it helps sharpen the mind, helps you to manage stress and your emotions. This results in you be fit and in a state of wellness. Being fit means being able to do everyday chores without a struggle. Wellness means exercise your mind, soul, body and spirit. They are all connected to each other.